On top of extensive legal experience, Harley Herman has a background in finance and business. Let his knowledge guide you toward your goals.


Harley Herman has enjoyed representing and providing legal services to Florida small businesses, and individual needing wills, trusts and probate services for over 4 decades. He is dedicated to providing client-friendly services and welcomes the opportunity to serve you legal needs as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.


Client needs and legal issue resolution are the center of this practice. As Harley Herman's client, your interests are his priority. After hours, holiday and weekend services are his specialty. Reach out to this Plant City, Florida Lawyer today to enlist his focused assistance.

Business, Probate, Wills & Trust Attorney
in Plant City, Florida


Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Estate Planning Options

Draft a Will

A will is a legal document that directs the distribution of your assets after your death to your designated heirs and beneficiaries. While essential, drafting a will has specific legal requirements which are not always clear to non-attorneys. A defective will is a legal nightmare waiting to happen and cannot be corrected when it is needed: After the person who signed it is deceased. Harley Herman will discuss your needs and desires with empathy, and then draft your documents to they properly reflect your wishes for your legacy and conform to Florida's legal requirements. If you're in the Plant City, Florida area, call Harley Herman an experienced wills, probate, and estates attorney to serve your needs.

Set Up Trusts

While wills take effect upon death, trusts can be used both before and after the passing of its owner. A trust is an arrangement whereby a grantor gives a trustee the right to hold and manage assets for the benefit of a specific purpose or person. Attorney Herman offers assistance in determining if a trust better suits your needs than a will and will draft your living (also called revocable) trusts to simplify your asset protection and eventual distribution. Protect the legacy that you've worked so hard to build and discover which planning options are optimal for you by getting in contact with Herman And Herman today.

Client Testimonials

"Mr. Harley Herman went above and beyond the call of being a wonderful attorney in my time of need - and I am so grateful for his guidance, prompt correspondence back to assist me and his expert knowledge of the law. Mr. Harley Herman is truly a scholar and a gentleman and the law profession should be honored to have someone with such outstanding excellent character as Mr. Harley Herman!! Thank you again I am so grateful for your kindness and help."


"I have known Harley for some years and found him to be an excellent lawyer. I have worked with him in presenting seminars and have learned a lot from him. He is very experienced."


"Attorney Herman took our "complicated" case and simplified it. We had a case in which my step-siblings (paternal) and maternal children wanted to sell a Florida property that was an inheritance to all of us by our parents (biological mother and step-dad). I hired Attorney Herman and have been extremely pleased with his services. All maternal 'true beneficiaries' and step-siblings are happy!"



Legal Services That
Put Your Needs First

When it comes to building an estate plan or protecting or expanding your small business, your input and interests are Attorney Harley Herman's tope priority. Harley Herman understands that and is here to determine the necessary but least expensive, skilled legal services you should expect from an experienced lawyer working to address your current needs and goals for the future.

His comprehensive business and estate protection services cover LLC's and Small Business corporations, wills, trusts, probate administration, power of attorneys, and health care surrogate designations. No matter what your business or family's legal and estate needs are, Harley Herman knows how to simplify the process and advocate on your behalf. Give him a call today to get started.

Harley Herman, received his BA in Accounting and Finance and worked in his family business from childhood. Harley Herman understands what legal actions to take to steer small businesses in a direction toward success and away from costly and time-consuming court disputes. If you're dealing with a commercial dispute or you need business formation assistance, get the skilled counsel you need from him.

As a people-focused attorney, Harley Herman is available when you need him. Please feel free to contact Attorney Herman any day - even during evenings, holidays and weekends - to discuss your needs and start building a plan to move forward. From his Plant City, office he serves those throughout Plant City, Brandon, Lakeland and Hillsborough and Polk Counties in Florida.